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by advantage January 24, 2018

Law; Real estate business

Real estate business It will has issue of law involved. Due to the legal acts required to comply with the law. Learn the law on investing in real estate. It is necessary to help and prevent problems that may affect the investment.

Law: Real estate Business
Learning Principles of Real Estate Business Law It can be difficult for the general public, It 2must be interpreted in accordance with the principles of the law as well. Investors may only learn the key points of the law relating to investment that enough to understand the meaning of terminology related to the law. It is considered sufficient to maintain the interest in the investment

Legal issues to know

1. Real Estate: Land with property adjacent to the land is permanent. Or as the same land. Or includes land property. Or property attached to the land. Or as the same land.

2. Real estate must always be owned: In general, all real estate in the Kingdom is owned by the state. The state has allowed the private sector to own the ownership of the land.

3. Legal Acting on any real estate : Whether it is a forex trading mortgage. Or property rights in real estate. The legal act must be made in writing and registered with the competent official. Otherwise, the legal act will be void.

4. Ownership: Is the right to own property

5. Possessory right: the rights to take possession of property for themselves, such as tenants have the right to house. Ownership is at Owner

6. Servitude: It is the property owner’s obligation to bear certain obligations that affect his or her property. Or to abstain from the exercise of certain rights, which should have the right to stay but to abstain.

7. Living right: The right to live in another’s home without paying rent or any other benefits.

8. Usufruct: The right to take possession. Use and take advantage of others’ real estate. Both with pay or without paying the rent or others benefits

9. Charge on immovable property: The person who does not own real estate, However, there is a right to receive payment from time to time. Or used as well as the benefits of the property as stated.

10. Mortgage: The real estate is registered as collateral for debt repayment.
The ten legal issues related to the real estate business, when investors know about the meaning of the issues and understanding the implication , It will benefit the business and also prevent the error caused by ignorance and insufficient knowledge of the law.

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